bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 02/2016

Issue 02/16 (March/April) This first focus in this issue is Marine Pollution/ Marine Degradation.We are all aware of the tremendous pollution of our oceans and waterways by plastic debris.


  • dear readers

    The first focus topic in this issue is Marine Pollution / Marine Degradation. [more]


  • France supports biobased & home-compostable bags

    European Bioplastics (EUBP), the association representing the bioplastics industry in Europe, welcomes the approval of the French implementation decree on single-use plastic bags, which was published by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy last week on 1 February 2016. [more]

  • Corbion PLA plant in Thailand

    Corbion has announced in early March that after completing the pre-engineering stage of its proposed 75,000 tonnes per year PLA polymerization plant in Thailand on schedule, the project is now moving into the basic engineering phase. [more]

  • NatureWorks: methane as third-generation feedstock

    The new USD 1 million 771 m² (8,300 sqft) laboratory at NatureWorks world headquarters (Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA) is the latest milestone in the company’s multi-year program to commercialize a fermentation process for transforming methane, a potent greenhouse gas, into lactic acid, the building block of Ingeo PLA biopolymer. It includes the hiring of six scientists to staff the new facility. [more]

  • Avantium and BASF: JV to make PEF

    BASF and Avantium announced in mid-March that they have signed a letter of intent and entered into exclusive negotiations to establish a joint venture (JV) for the production and marketing of furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA), as well as marketing of polyethylenefuranoate (PEF), based on this new chemical building block. [more]

  • CO2-based building block for PEF

    Stanford scientists have discovered a novel way to make PEF from carbon dioxide (CO2) and inedible plant material, such as agricultural waste and grasses as a low-carbon alternative to PET. [more]

  • Hybrid technology to make biobased nylon

    Engineers at Iowa State University have found a way to combine a genetically engineered strain of yeast and an electrocatalyst to efficiently convert sugar into a new type of nylon. [more]

  • IKEA to move away from fossil plastics

    IKEA SUPPLY AG and Newlight Technologies have announced that they have entered into a supply collaboration, and technology license agreement that will supply IKEA with AirCarbon from Newlight’s commercial-scale production facilities and enable IKEA to produce AirCarbon thermoplastic under a technology license. [more]


  • Breaking down complex assemblies

    Upon signing the Agriculture Act of 2014, US President Barack Obama said that it was an innovation bill. Among the myriad provisions in the bill, which encourages growth in the increasingly large biobased market, was an update to the USDA BioPreferred® program’s guidelines concerning biobased content testing for complex assemblies.  [more]

Application News

  • Foodstuff packaging

    The compounder and plastics distributor FKuR Kunststoff GmbH, Willich, Germany, the film manufacturer Oerlemans Plastics BV, Genderen, the Netherlands, and the specialist foodstuffs packaging distributor BK Pac AB, Kristianstad, Sweden, are closely working together on expanding the possibilities for using bio-based plastics for sustainable foodstuffs film packaging. [more]

  • Bioplastic for furniture

    In JELUPLAST®, the German company JELU-WERK presents a novel and versatile material for furniture making. [more]

  • Bio-PET Solar control window films

    Toray Plastics (America), Inc., the only United States manufacturer of polypropylene, polyester, metallized, and bio-based films, has developed a bio-based bi-axially oriented polyester film for use in the manufacture of solar control window films for commercial and residential applications. [more]

  • First PLA wine bottle

    Bodega Matarromera (Valladolid, Spain) has successfully completed the development of a new sustainable bottle for their wines. [more]

  • Biobased sunglasses for Yokohama World Triathlon

    Mitsui Chemicals Inc. (MCI), headquartered in Toyko, Japan has developed MR-60™, a plant-based high refractive index lens material for standard eyeglasses, by using a biomass-derived industrial isocyanate and a biomass-derived polythiol as well as a non-metallic catalyst for polymerization. [more]

  • Ikea’s alternative for polystyrene

    Looking for eco-friendlier packaging, the Swedish furniture and retail giant Ikea has recently announced their intention to use an organic, mushroom-based packaging for its flat-pack furniture and thus to move away from polystyrene foams. [more]


Brand Owners

From Science & Research

  • HMF from chicory salad waste

    800,000 tonnes: That’s how much waste in the form of chicory roots is generated during the production of chicory salad in Europe per year. Currently, after harvesting the chicory salad, the roots are disposed of in composting or biogas plants. What a waste, thought two researchers of the University of Hohenheim, Germany. [more]


Marine pollution/ marine degradation


  •, finding the right bioplastics

    In the recent years there have been many developments worldwide in the field of bioplastics, both in biodegradable polymers and in biobased polymers and of course combinations of both. Many new exciting applications have been launched and the forecasts for biobased applications are looking extremely positive. [more]

Rigid Packaging

  • Thermoforming and easy peel films

    The growing trend of consumer awareness towards the impact of their actions on the environment has seen Plantic Technologies Ltd (Altona, Victora, Australia), a part of the Kuraray group, successful in supplying some of the world’s largest retailers and produces high barrier rigid bioplastic materials. [more]

  • a-PHA modified PLA for thermoforming

    Recent reports indicate an emerging market trend toward sustainable packaging options due to environmental awareness among consumers for alternatives with improved biodegradability. For instance, the Foodservice Packaging Institute’s 2015 Trends Report found that there was an increasing focus on compostable packaging and the expectation is that more companies will need to address the demand for sustainable packaging applications in the near future. [more]

Show Preview

  • CHINAPLAS 2016 Preview

    CHINAPLAS, recognized as Asia’s No. 1 and theworld’s No. 2 plastics and rubber trade fair by the industry, will hold its 30th edition in 2016 in Shanghai. To celebrate the reach of the milestone, there will be more attractions and celebration activities at the show for all to join!  [more]

  • Wuhan Huali

    Wuhan Huali will present PSM® biodegradable & biobased plastics materials and finished products during Chinaplas 2016. [more]

  • NatureWorks

    From 3D printer filaments to new ultra-high barrier film, NatureWorks showcase Ingeo™ polylactide.  [more]

  • JinHui ZhaoLong

    JinHui ZhaoLong High Technology Co. Ltd is one of the largest biodegradable plastic enterprises in China with a 20,000 tonnes/annum PBAT production line. [more]

  • Kingfa

    Kingfa Sci. & Tech. Co. Ltd., established in 1993 and headquartered in Guangzhou, is a global leader in high performance modified plastic industry. [more]

  • Doill Ecotec

    Doill WPC (Wood-Plastic Composites) compounds are new eco-friendly materials in pellet form which are manufactured with a special binding technique using wood flour and thermoplastic polymers (PP, PE, ABS, ASA, PS, SAN, PMMA, PLA, etc). [more]

  • Coating p. Materials Co.

    CPMC will present new eco-friendly solutions, targeted at synthetic leather and related industries.  [more]

  • Uhde Inventa-Fischer

    The Polymer Division of ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG focuses on the development, engineering and construction of efficient plant concepts and processes in the fields of monomers, intermediates, polymers and machinery.  [more]

  • Oxo-fragmentable plastics

    And finally there are a number of companies offering oxo-fragmentable plastics such as EnerPlastics (N3K01) or Rajiv Plastic Industries (C11F41). [more]

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