bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 01/2016

Issue 06/15 (Nov/Dec) covers Films/flexibles/bags and consumer electronics. In the basics section we discuss public procurement


Application News

  • Green to the Grave

    Marieke Havermans is a Dutch entrepreneur who is fast taking the idiom “from cradle to grave” to an entirely new level. [more]

  • Bioplastics offer safe solution for toys

    Germany-based JELU-WERK has developed a wood-plastic compound that, according to the company, offers a superior solution to the toy industry. [more]

  • New biobased laminate for sustainable food packaging

    Two bioplastics companies, Bio4Pack and The Bioplastic Factory, both of which are headquartered in the Netherlands, have collaborated on the development and marketing of a new biobased laminated film that is suitable for food packaging applications. [more]

  • Buzzed – 3D filament made from beer

    First, it was a coffee cup made of coffee-based filament. Now, 3D printing filament manufacturer 3Dom USA has introduced its newest eco-friendly product, called Buzzed. [more]

  • Bio-PA selected for new abrasive monofilament

    Royal DSM has announced that its high performance bio-based EcoPaXX® polyamide has been chosen as the basis for a series of new high temperature resistant abrasive monofilaments from the world’s leading abrasive monofilament producer Hahl-Pedex.  [more]


Book Review

Consumer Electronics

  • Housings made of bioplastic

    In addition to a wide range of standard plastic housings and tuning knobs for electronic devices, OKW Gehäusesysteme from Buchen, Germany, also manufactures products that are made from specialized materials. [more]

  • The Fair Mouse

    Buying responsibly has become a big issue over the last few decades: fair trade coffee, fair trade clothes, even fair trade wedding rings are available in the Western markets. [more]

  • Biodegradable displays for electronics New research paves the way

    Electronics have radically changed the way people live and communicate. The sheer number of gadgets owned has risen astronomically, with analysts at German market research firm GfK reporting that 1.2 billion smartphones alone were sold globally in 2014, and that in the first quarter of 2015, smartphone unit demand was up +7 % on the same period of last year. [more]


  • Well-attended 10th European Bioplastics Conference great success

    European Bioplastics hosted its 10th European Bioplastics Conference, entitled Shaping Smart Solutions this year on 5/6 November 2015 in Berlin, attracting more than 350 participants from industry, policy, research, and media. Once again, the conference proved to be an ideal opportunity to learn about the trends and developments - large and small – taking place in the dynamic bioplastics world. [more]

Films, Flexibles, Bags

From Science & Research


  • New biaxially oriented sheet product

    At this year’s Cartes Secure Connexions digital security trade show, BI-AX International, a US manufacturer of oriented film, teamed up with biopolymer producer NatureWorks for the introduction of an entirely new line of Evlon biaxially oriented sheet products. [more]

  • Sunflower Power

    “Why do we use sunflowers?  [more]

  • The world’s first bioplastic from sewage

    The world’s first PHA from sewage water has arrived. And, while sewage may not sound exactly like the most appealing source of bioplastic, this first kilo of sewage-based PHA represents a truly groundbreaking innovation. [more]

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