bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 05/2015

Issue 05/15 (Sep/Oct)The first highlight topic of this issue is Fibres / Textiles with a number of really interesting articles that run the gamut from PLA twines to PLA-fibre recycling, from piezoelectric fibres to fibres in automotive applications, and much more.


Application News

  • Biodegradable fishing lures

    MHG (Bainbridge, Georgia, USA) recently announced the presentation of the first ever certified biodegradable freshwater fishing lure at a tradeshow in Orlando.  [more]

  • Undulae bioplastic lamps

    Designed by Architect Taeg Nishimoto from San Antonio, Texas, USA, Undulae is a series of table and pendant lamps made of cornstarch-based bioplastic tubes. [more]

  • Packs for children’s health products

    A conscientious South African company KiddieKix, who produce all‑natural children’s health products, found NatureFlex™ the best solution to wrap its cereals and dried fruit snacks. [more]

  • fl oor polishing pads

    Treleoni, Manning, South Carolina, USA, designs and manufactures cleaning and polishing pads for industrial fl oor cleaning machines and hand wipes for industrial cleaning services. [more]



  • Successful debut of bio!CAR conference

    With a combined attendance of around 70 participants, the inaugural bio!CAR conference, organized by bioplastics MAGAZINE together with the nova-Institute, can truly be termed a success. [more]

Fibers & Textiles

From Science & Research

Material - News

  • Flexible foams with algae

    Algix LLC (Meridian, Mississippi, USA), the world’s leading producer of algae bio-products, and Effekt LLC (San Diego, California, USA), an environmentally minded product and material development company, recently announced the creation of the world’s first flexible foams using algae derived products as a filler. [more]

  • Coffee Based 3D Printer Filament

    Filament manufacturer 3Dom USA has released a new bio-material made from coffee. Called Wound Up™, the filament is a continuing partnership with Fargo, North Dakota based bio-composite company, c2renew. [more]

  • New biobased polyol for 2K polyurethanes

    BASF has announced that it has added a new product to its range of bio-based polyols, sold under the Sovermol trademark. These products are used for manufacturing extremely low-emission 2K polyurethane coatings for interior and exterior applications. [more]

  • PLA production using alternative energies and no metal catalyst

    Reflecting the ongoing growing demand for more sustainable solutions, production capacities for bioplastics are also expanding in order to keep pace with market developments. [more]



  • 3D printing – the sophisticated way

    Additive technologies appear to be here to stay. In recent years, 3D printing has become a daily staple of news publications around the world. [more]

  • A “Made in Europe” biorefinery

    Matrìca, a 50:50 joint venture between Novamont and Versalis (Eni), is the result of the reconversion of a petrochemical site in Porto Torres (Sardinia) into an integrated biorefinery that today, using innovative and low-impact processes, produces a range of chemical products (biochemicals, building blocks for bioplastics, bases for lubricants, bioadditives for rubbers and plasticizers for polymers) from agricultural raw materials and vegetable scraps. [more]