bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 05/2014

Issue 05/14 (Sept/Oct) features Toys and Fibres / Textiles. The Basics section is about Building Blocks for Bioplastics


Application News


  • Biobased PA 6.10 helps bionics

    Specialising in innovative, application-orientated plastic compounds for over 25 years, AKRO-PLASTIC (Niederzissen, Germany) has partnered ZIEHL-ABEGG (Künzelsau, Germany) to develop a polyamide 6.10-based AKROMID® S compound for the bionic bio-fan. [more]


Fibers & Textiles

From Science & Research





  • Bioplastic baby products

    Safe for babies and better for the environment. [more]

  • From packaging fillers to toys

    Since 1994 the Loick group has been involved in the field of development and production of new types of products using sustainable resources as a replacement for the present application of plastics for these items. [more]

  • Wood composites for toys

    Since almost exactly 20 years the Institute for Natural Materials Technology (IFA Tulln in Austria) has been working on wood composites (FASAL®) to help establish a place for them in the injection moulding and profile extrusion markets. [more]

  • How bioplastics and biocomposites are changing the toy industry

    Consumers are becoming more mindful of how and where products are made. A recent study by Euromonitor International’s Consumers Editor, Daphne Kasriel, noted, “consumers are increasingly looking to connect with brands, business models and products that do not associate with negative environmental and social impacts.” [more]

  • Beach toys made from PHA

    Valerie Lecoeur, a mother of three young children who was born and raised in France and now lives in North Carolina, founded Zoë b in 2011 because: “I believe parents deserve options that are both safer for their children and healthier for our planet”, as she says.  [more]

  • A waste-to-toys effort

    Luke’s Toy Factory makes safe, sustainable toys from local sources [more]

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