bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 02/2014

Issue 02/14 (Mar/Apr) is done and currently being printed. It features Thermoforming (rigid packaging) and Elastomers/Polyurethanes. The basics section will also be about Polyurethanes. In addition we'll have comprehensive show previews about interpack and Chinaplas.


Application News


  • PA 410 for Ferrari and Maserati fuel vapor separators

    Royal DSM (Heerlen, The Netherlands) recently announced that its bio-based high performance EcoPaXX® polyamide 410 has been selected by Dytech-Dynamic Fluid Technologies for the fuel vapour separators it produces for Ferrari and Maserati sports cars. This solution, in halogen-free flame retardant EcoPaXX Q-KGS6, will increase the fire safety of the cars by combining flame retardancy with a high level of chemical resistance, essential for this application. [more]

  • Beautiful and sustainable water filter

    Soma (San Francisco, California, USA) is proud to present “the world’s most beautiful water filter” which combines form and function to bring the best tasting water to thirsty consumers. [more]


  • JinHui’s transition road

    Shanxi JinHui Energy Group Co., Ltd (JinHui Group) founded in 1995, is a large scale private enterprises group mainly in coal-coke-chemical and salt-chemical re-circulating industries, with a highly diversified business in energy, chemicals, power generation, logistics and transportation, ecology, agriculture, real estate and international trade, as well as financial services.  [more]



  • Natural fibres as flame-retardants? Agro-fibres as a main component in biocomposites

    Throughout the past two decades natural fibres have been applied in many applications and industries including automotives, aircraft, paper industries, textiles as well as building and construction industries replacing, thanks to their lightweight and renewable nature, the non- renewable glass and other artificial fibres in the fibre-reinforced composites’ scope. [more]

  • News for “drop-in” bioplastics: New renewable solutions now offer a new gateway to biobased plastics

    Neste Oil (Espoo, Finland), the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel, is now entering a new market: sustainable plastics and chemicals. Its growing family of NEXBTL renewable products provides the basis for a number of bio-based chemicals and plastics, such as consumer products, packaging, automotive parts, and chemical derivatives.  [more]

  • Impact Modifier for PLA

    T Green Dot (Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, USA) recently presented data on the use of the company’s Terratek® Flex compostable bioplastic elastomer as an impact modifier for PLA. Terratek Flex is shown to provide a significant increase in impact strength and elongation without compromising the compostability of PLA.  [more]

Open Letter

Polyurethanes & Elastomers

  • Brawn from Bio - Exceptionally tough TPUs from new C18 Diacid

    A C18 diacid-based thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) has been made. The toughness is more than two times that of similar materials made from adipic acid, and the solvent performance greatly exceeds TPUs from adipic acid. This new material opens up an entirely new suite of market applications for thermoplastic polyurethanes made from renewable-based monomers. [more]


Rigid Packaging

  • Urban Schools aim for Environmental Revolution

    Nothing seemed to be special about the food trays from which pupils at several Naples schools consumed their meals: rigid, angular and white. But looks can be deceiving: They are the pioneer of what could become an environmental revolution in schools across Italy.  [more]

  • Compostable meat packaging

    After 6 years of research Bio4Pack (Rheine, Germany) proudly presents its fully compostable and fully renewable meat packaging. Bio4Pack, well known for its renewable and compostable vegetable and fruit packaging and shopping bags, has been exploring ways to introduce compostable packaging to other markets. [more]

Show Preview

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