bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 01/2013

The current issue 01/13 (Jan/Feb) features "Automotive Applications" and "Foam". The basics section is about "PTT (poly trimethylene terephthalate)". Order your copy


  • 100% renewable polyols

    Piedmont Chemical, headquartered in High Point, North Carolina, USA recently announced a new offering of renewable, sustainable polyester polyols – building-block chemical intermediates used in the production of urethane foams, coatings, adhesives and sealants. [more]

  • BioAmber collaborating with Faurecia and Mitsubishi Chemical for automotive bioplastics

    BioAmber, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA will be the supplier of biobased succinic acid to a Faurecia-Mitsubishi Chemical partnership for the production of automotive plastics.  [more]

  • New strategic partnership

    Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, based in Ghent and nova-Institute from Hürth, Germany announced in mid-January their strategic partnership in the biobased economy. [more]

  • Altuglas and NatureWorks launch marketing collaboration

    Altuglas International, a subsidiary of Arkema group, with its Plexiglas® and Altuglas® acrylic resins (Americas and Rest of World, respectively) and NatureWorks, a leader in the bio-plastics market with its Ingeo™ PLA biopolymers, have signed a global co-marketing agreement. [more]

  • Good prospects for Metabolix

    About a year ago, we reported that ADM terminated Telles, its joint venture with Metabolix. Now, one year later, Metabolix seems to be on a promising track to success again. bioplastics MAGAZINE recently spoke with Rick Eno, Metabolix’s president and CEO. [more]

Application News

  • Compostable chocolate wrapper

    An Italian consortium, of organic producers and farmers, has chosen compostable NatureFlex™ from Innovia Films to wrap its range of Fair Trade chocolate. [more]

  • Skin-touch screw caps

    In response to growing demands from consumers, cosmetic products are increasingly based on natural products, even sometimes on organic ingredients and additives. [more]

  • Edible lamp

    The New York based designer Victor Vetterlein recently introduced an edible and biodegradable plastic LED desk lamp called BITE ME. When the lamp is no longer useful or desired, the lighting strip is removed and the lamp may be eaten or thrown onto the garden compost heap. [more]

  • Transparent bio-film

    Plastiroll, from Ylöjärvi, Finland, one of the leading European producers of biodegradable films and bio waste bags has developed biodegradable, transparent packaging film, which extends the shelf life of fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables. [more]

  • Bio-tiles

    Even tiles can be organic – if they are made of renewable raw materials. They are more resource efficient than their ceramic counterparts and unlock new creative options for design. [more]

  • Innovative office chair

    The Generation by Knoll® work chair revolutionized the world of office seating with significant support from material science, processing and expert application development at DuPont. The chair embraces the idea of elastic design – where a product rearranges itself in response to its user. Knoll Inc. is headquarted in East Greenville, Pennsylvania, USA. [more]


  • Mobility of the future

    The future of mobility goes green – the IfBB (Institute for Bioplastics and Biocomposites, University of Hanover, Germany) as well as the race driver Smudo (our front cover hero, who is a well-known celebrity in Germany as a singer of the German hip-hop group Die Fantastischen Vier) and the Four Motors Racing Team are convinced of this trend.  [more]

  • Biobased polymers for automotive safety components

    For a lot of people biobased polymers are sufficient for packaging or plastic parts with low technical requirements. [more]

  • Natural fibre composites

    Environmental awareness as a key driver for lightweight solutions [more]

  • Ford Motor Company

    Ford Motor Company, headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, USA has been working to replace components in their vehicles with recycled or renewable plastics parts for several years now. [more]

  • Bio-PET fibres for Nissan electric vehicle

    Teijin Limited, Tokyo, Japan recently announced that its ECO CIRCLE Plantfiber bio-polyester has been selected for use in the seats and interior trim surface of the 100% electric Nissan LEAF, updated on November 20, 2012. [more]


  • InnoBioPlast 2013

    The National Innovation Agency (NIA), Thai Ministry of Science and Technology in collaboration with Thai Bioplastics Industry Association (TBIA) and the PTT Group held their fourth international conference and exhibition  [more]


  • Durable and eco-friendly foams

    The use of bioplastics for the production of flexible and semi-rigid foams is still today very limited. However these foams have extremely diverse applications when they are produced from oil-based plastics. [more]

  • High temperature resistant PLA foams

    Scientists based at Crown Research Institute Scion in New Zealand have developed PLA foams with high dimensional stability at elevated temperatures. The research was led by Jean-Phillippe Garancher and Alan Fernyhough for the Biopolymer Network (BPN) Ltd, a research company with a keen interest in development and commercialisation of biofoams.  [more]

  • Cellulose-based polymer foams

    Requirements, Processing and Characteristics [more]

  • Alginsulate foam

    Brown algae (seaweed), which are rapidly self-regenerative and which exist in unlimited quantities are conceivable as a raw material for many different products. [more]

  • Bioplastic substrates in horticulture and agriculture

    Expanded PLA enables the production of sustainable substrates for agricultural produce, plants, trees and shrubs [more]

  • ReBioFoam Project

    Innovative packaging solution [more]

From Science & Research

  • Efficient drug release by an absorbable foam

    In a novel approach for the treatment of common diseases of the urinary bladder (e.g. overactive bladder) a system for the controlled release of drugs (drug delivery system, DDS) is currently being developed using a special polylactide based foam material. [more]


  • Biocomposite uses Green PE

    To meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly and high-performing materials, Rhe Tech, Inc. (Whitmore Lake, Michigan, USA) has expanded its RheVision® line of biocomposites. RheTech is using Braskem’s (São Paulo, Brazil) new generation of polyethylene which utilizes sugar cane instead of oil or natural gas that typically is used as the base feedstock.  [more]

  • Copolyester for consumer electronics

    Arnitel© Eco thermoplastic copolyester from DSM has been used successfully in soft touch surfaces by a world leading manufacturer of consumer electronics. [more]

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