bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 04/2012

The July/August issue 04/12 focuses mainly on "bioplastics from waste streams" and "bottle applications" (among other topics). The basics section will have closer look at "bioplastics from proteins".


  • Collaborative to accelerate development

    The Coca-Cola Company, Ford Motor Company, H.J. Heinz Company, NIKE, Inc. and Procter & Gamble announced in early June the formation of the Plant PET Technology Collaborative (PTC), a strategic working group focused on accelerating the development and use of 100% plant-based PET materials and fiber in their products. [more]

  • Biobased PBS on commercial scale

    Showa Denko K.K. (SDK), at its Tatsuno Plant in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, has succeeded in producing BionolleTM, a biodegradable aliphatic polyester on a commercial scale using bio-derived succinic acid. SDK has started providing film-grade samples of this product. [more]

  • Successful partnership between Tecnaro and Braskem

    Tecnaro GmbH, Ilsfeld-Auenstein, Germany closed a contract in 2011 with Braskem from Brazil. Tecnaro produces compounds with sugar cane based Green PE from Braskem in a special product line of the material family ARBOBLEND®.  [more]

  • US Demand for Bioplastics

    US demand for bioplastics is forecast to climb at a 20% annual pace through 2016 to 250,000 tonnes, valued at $680 million, as Freedonia, a Cleveland, Ohio, USA based business research company published in a new study titled ‘Bioplastics’. [more]

  • Composting pilot project in China

    In conjunction with World Environment Day, Ecoplast Technologies Inc (‘Ecoplast’), Wuhan, China, its wholly owned subsidiary in Wuhan, Huali Environmental Technology (‘Huali’), and BASF jointly announced on June 2nd that they have formed a partnership with the Wanke Community in Wuhan to promote composting of source-separated organic waste in certified compostable and fully biodegradable bags made of BASF’s Ecoflex® and Ecoplast’s PSM. [more]

  • Biobased kids house

    On 4 June 2012 a Biobased Kidshouse sponsored by Purac was opened by the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. [more]

Application News

  • PLA jewellery packaging

    Under the GreenPack umbrella brand, international packaging manufacturer Leser GmbH from Lahr, Germany is offering its new EARTH series, the first jewellery packaging made from 100% PLA.  [more]

  • New trekking pole

    API S.p.A., Mussolente, Italy recently presented a new trekking pole with a biodegradable grip produced in collaboration with Fizan, Rosà, Italy, a leading producer of ski and trekking poles that has always maintained a commitment to using sustainable materials in their manufacturing processes.  [more]

  • First Bioplastic Ultimate Frisbee

    While most of us know frisbees as toys or leisure goods used by adolescents in parks, for many others these flying discs have a place in serious kinds of sports, i.e. Ultimate, Freestyle, Discgolf and Disc-Dogging.  [more]

  • Compostable film for organic tea

    Lebensbaum Ulrich Walter GmbH, Diepholz, Germany, a pioneer in the production of organic tea, coffee and herbs recently decided to pack its range of organic teas with Innovia Films’ compostable cellulose-based material, NatureFlex™ NVR. Lebensbaum’s success has been built on a combination of pure tasting ingredients, ecological foresight and social responsibility. [more]

  • Sustainable soles

    Gucci, headquartered in Florence, Italy announced the launch of Sustainable Soles, a special edition of eco-friendly women’s and men’s shoes designed by Creative Director Frida Giannini and part of the Prefall 2012 Collection. [more]

Book Review

Bioplastics from Waste Streams

  • Bioplastics from agro waste

    Bioplastics are still rather expensive and are sometimes (rightly or wrongly) blamed for potential competition with food production. SPC Biotech Pvt. Ltd at Hyderabad, India, has developed a new process for manufacturing PLA, cost effectively, from agro waste such as mango kernel, tamarind seeds, and other locally available agro waste.  [more]

  • Bread 4 PLA

    Biodegradable food packaging from bakery industry waste  [more]

  • Bioplastic products from kiwi waste

    New Zealand has extensive forestry, agricultural and horticultural industries that produce significant volumes of biomass waste. Scion, New Zealand’s forestry research institute, is discovering and developing new ways to use biomass that add value and reduce waste. [more]

  • Microbial Community Engineering

    Producing Bioplastic from Waste [more]

  • PHA from waste water

    Transformation of residual materials and waste water into valuable bioplastics [more]

  • Fish scales to goggles

    Before you can enjoy a nice fish meal in a good restaurant the fish has to be scaled. But what happens to the tonnes of fish scales that end up as a byproduct each year?  [more]

  • Bioplastics from chicken feathers

    In a scientific advance literally plucked from the waste heap, scientists described a key step toward using the billions of pounds of waste chicken feathers produced each year to make a new biobased thermoplastic.  [more]

Bottle Applications

  • Caps & Closures from bio resources

    KISICO Verpackungstechnik GmbH of Oestrich-Winkel in Germany has been observing the development of the bioplastics market for many years. At an early date they began developing caps made from different bioplastics. [more]



  • The Re-Invention of Plastics

    ‘Bioplastics – The Re-Invention of Plastics‘, a conference that was organized by Yash Khanna (InnoPlast Solutions, Inc) for the second time now attracted about 140 delegates and speakers from twelve countries (North America, Europe and Asia) to San Francisco on June 13 to 15. [more]


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