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Application News

  • Denitrification Biopellets

    Reef Interests, an innovative provider of home aquarium systems located in the Netherlands, is launching a biodegradable product based on Telles’ Mirel™ DP9002 for managing waste generated in aquariums and marine environments. [more]

  • First Biodegradable Toothpaste Tube

    Tectubes from Åstorp, Sweden introduces the world’s first truly biodegradable toothpaste tube made from FKuR’s bioresins. [more]

  • No More Tickly Hairs – Thanks to PLA

    Are you familiar with the problem of tiny clippings of hair falling onto your face when you go to the hairdresser? [more]

  • Toys - Made 100% from Bioplastics

    “My heart is in eco-plastics” says Markus Swoboda, mechanical engineer who one year ago had the confidence to found another company besides his well-established engineering enterprise.  [more]

  • Multipack Yogurt Cups

    Beginning in October 2010, global organic yogurt leader Stonyfield Farm (headquartered in Londonderry, New Hampshire, USA), replaced all of its petroleum-based multipack yogurt cups with cups made from Ingeo™ PLA, giving consumers a yogurt cup they can feel as good about as they do the yogurt inside. [more]

  • Biodegradable Beach Toys

    Zoë b Organic, a distributor of BPA-free, organic products for babies and kids from Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA has selected Mirel™ bioplastic for America’s first line of biodegradable beach toys. [more]

  • New Line of Kitchen Utensils

    Propper from Rain am Lech, Germany recently introduced a new line of kitchen utensils made from the fully degradable bioplastic PROGANIC® again proving the versatility and heat stability of this much talked about bioplastic.  [more]

  • Green Dust Bag

    With a variety of over 1000 different vacuum cleaner models worldwide, finding the right dust bag has been a challenge for consumers for many decades.  [more]

  • Earth’s Best Diapers

    In a continued effort to provide a healthier alternative for babies and a cleaner, safer world for them to grow up in, Earth’s Best® proudly introduces Earth’s Best TenderCare® environmentally friendly disposable diapers.  [more]

  • ‘Nucycle’

    Developed by NEC, the ‘Nucycle’ plant based formulation illustrates the NEC Group’s unique material development technology and capabilities. [more]

  • Bioplastic for Printers and MFPs

    OKI Data Corporation, an OKI Group company specializing in the printer business, recently announced it will introduce a bioplastic part consisting of at least 25% (by weight) of plant-based renewable biomass resources in all its printers and MFPs. [more]

  • New Line of Compostable Bags

    Telles, Lowell, Massachussetts, USA recently announced that Lakeside Plastics Ltd., an innovative film converter headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, will be launching a compostable bag product line based on Mvera™ B5002, a compostable film product made from a proprietary blend with Mirel™ bioplastics.  [more]


  • Biodegradable Alternative to Leather

    APINAT® is an innovative family of recyclable biopolymers with a certified level of biodegradability and a verified content of renewable resources. [more]

  • New Sustainable Bottle Initiative

    This year is looking even greener for Odwalla Inc., a company of the Coca-Cola group based in Halfmoon Bay, California, USA. [more]

  • World‘s First 100% Plant-Based PET Bottle

    PepsiCo, headquartered in Purchase, New York, USA, announced in mid march it has developed the world‘s first PET plastic bottle made entirely from plant-based, fully renewable resources, enabling the company to manufacture a beverage container with a significantly reduced carbon footprint, thus again building upon its heritage as an innovator and leader in environmental sustainability. [more]







Rigid Packaging

Show Preview

  • European Bioplastics

    For interpack 2011, European Bioplastics teams up with strong partners and co-exhibitors from the bioplastics industry to create an experienceable industry representation. [more]

  • Sidaplax

    Sidaplax is an innovative, international film manufacturer and distributor with over 60 years of experience in the plastic film industry. [more]

  • Biopla

    The products from Biopla factory are made from an annually renewable resource – PLA, which is made from corn. [more]

  • Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe

    The Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. (FNR) is promoting the use of agricultural resources on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV). [more]

  • Pro-Tech and natura packaging

    bioMat® by Pro-Tech and natura packaging stand for a sustainable relationship with their environment and for the conservation of resources.  [more]

  • Xylophane

    Xylophane is an efficient barrier against oxygen, grease and odour. A thin layer of Xylophane in the packaging material can prolong the shelf life of many foods and industrial products. [more]

  • Sukano

    Add ultimate functionality to your extruded thin and rigid PLA films and molded PLA parts with Sukano’s innovative biobased masterbatches and polymer alloys.  [more]

  • Bio4Pack

    Bio4Pack from Haaksbergen, The Netherlands, is proud to present a new generation of bio-packaging. [more]

  • Huhtamaki

    Headquartered in Finland, Huhtamaki is the first company to launch a complete range of compostable foodservice packaging under the trade name BioWare. [more]

  • PolyOne

    PolyOne’s polymer solutions expertise allows them expand the potential for biopolymers into application areas formerly out of reach.  [more]


    BIOSPHERE is a company specializing in bioplastic resins. Falling oil reserves and growing demands for a greener environment are opening the door to the new potential provided by biomass-produced plastics. [more]

  • Minima Technology

    Minima Technology Co. Ltd. has built its research and development centre to include a broad range of mechanical options which give prospective clients flexibility when discussing environmental options. [more]


    KINGFA SCI. & TECH. CO., LTD is Asia’s largest and first stock-market listed company in the modified plastics industry. [more]

  • Innovia Film

    Innovia Films is a major international producer with production sites in the UK, USA, Belgium and Australia. [more]

  • Braskem

    In line with their strategic vision of becoming the world leader in sustainable chemicals by 2020, Brasilian company Braskem will present at Interpack its line of I’m green™ biopolymers. [more]

  • Grace Biotech

    Grace Biotech Corporation will introduce its GRABIO range of product lines.  [more]

  • Folienwerk Wolfen

    Folienwerk Wolfen GmbH (FWG), Germany, as a manufacturer of custom-made rigid polyester films started manufacturing PLA (polylactic acid) films as early as in 2003. [more]

  • Novamont

    Novamont, the leading Italian company in the bioplastics sector will present at interpack its innovative applications in Mater-Bi, the completely biodegradable and naturally compostable bioplastic. [more]

  • Shenzhen Brightchina

    Polylactide (PLA) and Polycaprolactone (PCL) biopolymer material supplier Shenzhen Brightchina Industrial Co. Ltd founded in 2002, started research, production and sales of PLA and PCL. [more]

  • BASF

    Biodegradable plastic bags represent one way to a hygienic and energetically sensible disposal of bio-waste. [more]

  • NatureWorks

    NatureWorks will showcase a host of packaging and other products made from Ingeo™ biopolymer. [more]

  • Taghleef Industries

    Taghleef Industries, the worldwide leader in bi-oriented polypropylene films, believes in responsible packaging and considers this as part of its DNA. [more]

  • Plastiroll

    Plastiroll, Ylöjärvi, Finland premieres new, multilayer biodegradable films at interpack, which open a new era of bio-films for instance for fresh food packaging. [more]

  • Rodenburg Biopolymers

    Rodenburg Biopolymers, Oosterhout, The Netherlands, will be present on the Interpack show demonstrating the third generation of the patented bioplastic Solanyl®. [more]

  • FKuR

    FKuR has launched a new transparent, flexible biopolymer. [more]


    MANN+HUMMEL ProTec will present the latest, most up-to-date technologies and systems in the areas of material drying, crystallization and condensate separation in the drying process. [more]

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