bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue September/October 05/2009

bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue September/October 04/2009


Application News

  • World’s First Bioplastic Eyeglasses

    Japanese Companies Teijin Limited and Teijin Chemicals Limited announced the development of eyeglass frames made from plant-based, heat-resistant PLA BIOFRONT™, the world’s first bioplastic to be used for all plastic parts of eyeglass frames, including the temples. The frames were developed in collaboration with Tanaka Foresight Inc., Higashi-Sabae City, Japan, which manufactures and sells approximately 60% of all plastic eyeglass parts in Japan. [more]

  • Green Packaging Line

    A new ‘Green Packaging Line‘ of products has been recently developed by Smurfit Kappa, Orsenigo, Italy, a leading company specialised in the sector of innovative cardboard based packaging. [more]

  • The ‘Green‘ Shaver

    Established in 1945, the Société BIC is a Clichy, France based, well recognized one-time-use products manufacturer.  [more]

  • Eco-Conscious Parenting Solutions

    Dorel Juvenile Group, Inc, Columbus, Indiana, USA, the largest juvenile products manufacturer in the USA, recently launched its Safety 1st® Nature Next collection as part of its ongoing initiative to focus on the environment. The special collection addresses a growing concern among parents who want to provide quality products for their children that incorporate eco-conscious materials.  [more]

  • Fully Compostable Self-Adhesive Labels

    In conjunction with the new 62N BioTAK™ contact adhesive, German company Herma is offering a unique adhesive material that is 100 % biodegradable. Located in Filderstadt near Stuttgart, Herma GmbH is a leading European specialist in self-adhesive technology. [more]

  • Nutritional Canadian Products

    Canadian company, Dr Vie Inc, is wrapping its entire range of nutritional ‘superfood’ products in metalized NatureFlex™ NM film from Innovia Films, Wigton, Cumbria, UK. [more]

  • Biobased and Compostable Shrink Film

    At the recent 2nd PLA Bottle Conference, hosted by bioplastics MAGAZINE within the supporting programme of drinktec in Munich, Germany, alesco presented as a World premier a compostable shrink wrap film manufactured from renewable raw materials. [more]

Fiber Applications

  • Fibers of PTT Receive New U.S. Generic, ‘Triexta’

    This year is a significant year in fiber history for several reasons. Seventy years ago, at the 1939 World’s Fair, nylon was introduced and women began wearing stockings made with nylon from DuPont. In 1959, 50 years ago this year, the Textile Identification Act was passed to create standards for fiber identification in apparel, carpet and other fiber markets. And most recently, in March of 2009, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a new subgeneric – ‘triexta’ – for fibers made from PTT (polytrimethylene terephthalate) polymer. Sorona® is the brand name for renewably sourced PTT polymer from DuPont.  [more]

  • New carpet made from PLA fibres

    Sommer Needlepunch, Baisieux, France, is specialised in floor covering solutions: carpet for events, domestic and contract use and more recently artificial grass. Its more than 50 years of know-how and experience is recognised throughout the world.  [more]

  • Innovative Tea-Bag Material Made From PLA Fibres

    Ahlstrom Corporation, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland is a global leader in the development and manufacture of high performance fiber-based materials. Last June the company presented its innovative, biodegradable nonwoven for infusion applications at the Tea & Coffee World Cup exhibition in Seville, Spain. [more]

  • Plant-Based Materials for Automobile Interiors

    Toray Industries, Inc. with headquarters in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan has started full-fledged mass production of its environment-friendly fiber materials based on PLA and plant-derived polyesters for automobile applications. Toray has already been supplying the materials for the trunk and floor carpeting to Toyota Motor Corp. in its latest hybrid model of Lexus, the HS 250h, launched in July this year. At the same time, Toray is promoting the products to other automakers. Toray aims to have annual sales of 200 tons for the first year for products including ceiling upholstery and door trim materials, and expects them to grow to 5,000 tons per year by 2015. [more]

  • Meltblown PLA Nonwovens

    Two grades of NatureWorks‘ Ingeo™ PLA resin are now commercially available for the production of meltblown nonwovens, fabrics widely used in such products as wipes and filters.  [more]

  • PLA Floor Mat

    A special floor mat available for the fully remodeled third-generation Toyota Prius uses an advanced Ingeo™ based PLA fiber. Known as the world’s most eco-conscious car, Toyota Prius features world-leading mileage (2.6 L/100 km or 89 Miles per Gallon), a solar powered ventilation system, and environmentally friendly plant-derived plastics for seat cushion foam, cowl side trim, inner and outer scuff plates, and deck trim cover. Now, the new Prius adds to these biobased materials by offering optional floor mats (deluxe type) using an advanced Ingeo fiber system. [more]


  • Versatile Precursor Made From Cashew Nuts

    Composite Technical Services Inc. (CTS), based in Kettering (Dayton), Ohio, USA, have recently established manufacturing and research and development operations. Combining innovation with environmental sustainability, CTS is providing high performance, cost effective materials and technology that include unique bio-resins and flame retardant additives. Housed in the National Composite Center (NCC), CTS is initially targeting the composites and plastics industries.  [more]

  • Biobased Engineering Plastic

    DSM Engineering Plastics from Sittard, The Netherlands, has expanded further its Green Portfolio with the introduction of EcoPaXX™, a bio-based, high performance engineering plastic. The new material, which is based on polyamide (PA) 410 (or PA 4.10), has been developed by DSM in recent years, and is now set to be commercialized.  [more]

  • Injection Moldable High Temperature Bioplastic

    Launched in March 2009 by Colombes (France) based Arkema, Rilsan® HT for extrusion is the first flexible high-temperature thermoplastic to replace metal in high-temperature applications. Now, the company unveiled Rilsan HT injection resins. The Rilsan HT range is now the first complete polyphtalamide (PPA)-based product line suitable for all process technologies, ranging from extrusion to blow or injection molding. Rilsan HT resins are up to 70% bio-based (according to ASTM D6866-06, biobased carbon) and match the increasing environmental commitment of many industries. [more]


  • A new Cradle-to-Cradle Approach for PLA

    Galactic is a Belgian company involved in the world of green chemistry with its lactic acid being produced by fermentation of a biomass such as beet or cane sugar. Lactic acid is used in different applications such as foodstuffs, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well as in industrial applications. Lactic acid is also used as the starting material for the production of polylactic acid or PLA, an eco-friendly, renewable biopolymer with attractive characteristics for packaging and other convenience applications.  [more]

Paper Coating, Laminating

  • Sustainable Cups from Georgia-Pacific

    In August, Georgia-Pacific Professional Food Services Solutions launched a complete line of Dixie beverage solutions, which are part of the company’s EcoSmart product line that demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovative products that support sustainability goals. [more]

  • Improved Paper Coatings

    Many companies are building the value of their brands and growing their business by investing in development of product offerings that utilize renewable-based biopolymer materials. [more]


  • Twin-Screw Extruders for Biopolymer Compounding

    ENTEK Manufacturing, Inc., headquartered in Lebanon, Oregon, USA, the leading U.S. based manufacturer of twin-screw extruders and replacement wear parts, recently introduced customized twin-screw extruders specifically designed for bio-based compounding. [more]


  • Fraunhofer IAP

    In a new series bioplastics MAGAZINE plans to introduce, in no particular order, research institutes that work on bioplastics, whether it be the synthesis, the analysis, processing or application of bioplastics. The first article introduces the Fraunhofer Institut für Angewandte Polymerforschung in Potsdam-Golm, Germany. [more]

Show Review

  • 2nd PLA Bottle Conference

    The 2nd PLA Bottle Conference hosted by bioplastics MAGAZINE (September 14-15, Munich, Germany) attracted almost 80 experts from 18 different countries. [more]

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