bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 01/2009

bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue January/February 2009



  • Phylla – powered by sunshine

    Last summer the Northern Italian Region of Piedmont presented its ‘Veicolo Urbano Multi-Ecologico e Sostenibile’ (Multi-ecological City Car) project ‘Phylla’. The innovative, zero-emission concept car, that captures solar energy to power its electric motors, presents many environment friendly technologies. It was developed by CRF (Fiat Research Centre) and designed by two Turin-based colleges - Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) and Istituto di Arte Applicata e Design IAAD.  [more]

  • Bioplastics in Automotive Applications



  • First S-Shaped Loose Fill Made from Vegetable Starch

    Pelaspan™ Bio is an innovative new product of Storopack from Metzingen, Germany.  [more]

  • Foamed PLA Trays

    Depron, from Weert, The Netherlands (a former Hoechst division) supplies trays of approx. 600 different models for food packaging, i.e. meat, poultry and vegetable & fruit trays, for dry, MAP and fresh applications. About 600 million trays are produced per year. Depron serves the Benelux (market leader), Germany and France. [more]

  • Flexible Foam Made of Starch Based Bioplastic

    Glycan Biotechnology Co.,Ltd from Jhongli City, Taiwan offers different starch and cellulose based bioplastics. Besides grades such as for injection moulding (Glycan JT-030), extrusion blow moulding (Glycan JT-035, e.g. for tubes, bottles or toys) or film blowing (Glycan FT-075, e.g. for shopping bags or garbage bags) the company also has two flexible starch based materials for foaming in their product portfolio.  [more]

  • Significant Extrusion Throughput Rate Increase for PLA Foam

    Plastic Engineering Associates Licensing, Inc. (PEAL), from Boca Raton, Florida, USA recently announced new trial results. The technical team has increased the throughput rate for NatureWorks Ingeo® bio-polymer (PLA) extruded foam by an impressive 40% on a 4.5” x 6.0” tandem extrusion system. [more]

  • Coloured loose fill – fun for young and old

    Coloured loose fill packaging chips have been available for quite a while already. Just before the Christmas period German discounter Aldi sold a product under the brand name Bioplay. The box, marked ‘Automobilset’, showed pictures of cars, traffic lights etc. The coloured loose fill chips in the box were made from pure starch rather than the usual polystyrene foam and were supplied to Aldi by German Pantos Produkt & Vertriebsgesellschaft. [more]

  • Expanded PLA as a particle foam

    The first PLA producer that signed a partner contract with Purac and Sulzer Chemtech (see page 18) to produce their own PLA is the Dutch company Synbra from Etten-Leur, a company that has been producing EPS (expanded Polystyrene – a mouldable styrenics based particle foam) for many years.  [more]

From Science & Research


  • Innovative partnership approach for PLA production

    PURAC from Gorinchem, The Netherlands, a pioneer in the field of lactic acid and lactide, team up with Sulzer Chemtech and other plastics industry-partners to offer a unique approach that lowers the entry barrier and development time for the production of PLA.  [more]


  • Life Cycle Assessment of Bioplastics

    Topics such as sustainable development, fossil and natural resources availability, global climate change and waste reduction are increasingly dominating political and industrial agendas. Therefore, the relevance of the environmental performance of processes, products and services in decision-making is rapidly growing. The relatively new group of materials called bioplastics1 does offer new opportunities to contribute to these debates. A wide range of bioplastics is currently available on the market. (…) [more]

  • Biodegradability... Sorting through Facts and Claims

    Biodegradability is an end-of-life option that allowsone to harness the power of microorganisms present in the selected disposal environment to completely remove plastic products designed for biodegradability from the environmental compartment via the microbial food chain in a timely, safe, and efficacious manner. [more]

  • The Current Status of Bioplastics Development in Japan

    Today global warming is a major concern for many people all over the world. That is why bioplastics is the subject of a good deal of attention. Bioplastics are the key material which will contribute to the sustainable supply of useful plastics for everyday life without increasing carbon dioxide concentration in the air (Carbon Neutral Concept). In various business sectors in Japan many companies have undertaken efforts to utilise biomass-based plastics in their product lines. [more]

Show Review

  • 2008 - Bioplastics Awards - 2009

    The winners of the third Bioplastics Awards organized by European Plastics News (EPN) were announced in Munich, Germany, on 3 December 2008.  [more]

  • Salone Del Gusto saves Resources and CO2 Emissions

    Salone Internazionale del Gusto in Turin, Italy, is a bi-yearly ‘slow-food’ event that calls upon chefs, winemakers, caterers, journalists and experts to focus on biodiversity and food education. Last year the Salone set itself a new challenge which underlines the importance of environmental impact, energy resources and CO2 emissions.  [more]

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