bioplastics MAGAZINE Issue 03/2007




  • New Closures for beverage Bottles with Printed Plantic Barrier Liners

    Universal Closures Limited, headquartered in Tewkesbury, UK, in collaboration with Plantic Technologies Limited from Altona (VIC) Australia, have developed a barrier closure with printed Plantic® liners.  [more]

  • Trays made from sugarcane

    The previous article is just one example that shows that there is considerable potential in growing sugarcane to extract the building block sugar – not only to produce ethanol – and to exploit the potential that can be found in the stalks and leaves – the bagasse. [more]

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  • PHBV from Tianan-Biologic

    Tianan Biologic Material Co. Ltd is located in Ningbo, one of the major cities in China’s economically dynamic Zhejiang Province. [more]

  • Bio-Ethanol based Polyethylene

    Braskem is a leading Brazilian company manufacturing thermoplastic resins in Latin America. At the company’s Technology and Innovation Center Braskem has developed the first internationally certified polyethylene made from 100% sugarcane based ethanol. [more]




  • Biodegradable foam trays for fresh food

    Coopbox S.p.A., headquartered in Reggio Emilia, Italy, is a producer of innovative packaging solutions for fresh foods. Coopbox has a very long history in the packaging industry. [more]

  • Interview with Stuart Lendrum, Sainsbury‘s

    “Sainsbury‘s stands for great products at fair prices. Our objective is simple; to serve customers well. We continually improve and develop our product ranges, and work hard to give customers an ever improving shopping experience. We also aim to fulfil our responsibilities to the communities and environments in which we operate.” (Soruce: [more]

  • Compostable Films and Trays

    The revolution in the food packaging sector. The development of compostable polymers in the trays and films sector has enjoyed a dramatic boost in recent years. [more]

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