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  • Bioplastic Polyamide 11 for automotive fuel line applications

    Global warming and other environmental concerns drive advances in the automotive industry to minimize the environmental impact of today’s cars. [more]

  • Novel biodegradable material

    ...for textile systems, composites, thin-walled containers and wrappings [more]

  • “Let’s Be One with Mother Nature”

    EcoPolTM is an aliphatic polyester copolymer which Econeer Co., Ltd from USA / South Korea developed by using ethylene glycol, dimethyl isophthalate, adipic acid as main ingredients with the goal of making progress for the environment under the motto of “Let’s Be One with Mother Nature”. Most of the base ingredients are from renewable resources such as corn and beans. [more]

Open Letter

  • Letters to the editor

    I think the definition of biodegradable plastics vs compostable plastics (in issue 02/2006) is correct, but it is written to sound like:  [more]



  • Novamont Biorefinery: Beyond oil – towards a bioeconomy

    “Beyond oil, towards a bioeconomy: the Bio-Refinery integrated in the territory” was the topic of a meeting organized by Novamont S.p.A. at their headquarters in Novara, Italy in October of 2006. On the occasion of the opening of their new premises in Novara, Novamont announced the launch of their so-called “Green Bio-Refinery” in Terni, Italy. Once the plant is working at its full capacity, scheduled for 2008, Novamont will reach an annual capacity of 60,000 tonnes of bioplastics, which are completely biodegradable, can be used as fertilizers and have a limited environmental impact throughout their cycle of life, as the company stated during the meeting. [more]

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